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Hey, I'm Sam. Here's some art and stuff I find cool.
Jun 16 '14


I Don’t Wanna Die - GING NANG BOYZ

Jun 12 '14
Sprucin’ up the miiverse with some matthewbrucems

Sprucin’ up the miiverse with some matthewbrucems

Jun 8 '14
ericbaudour the scorpion king

ericbaudour the scorpion king

Apr 9 '14
Bomb The Music Industry! - Stuff That I Like (Scrambles)


“Man, I’m glad I passed out from the booze and the weed 
‘cause the house stayed up ‘til 6 AM doing speed.” 
But now it’s 1 AM and I’m quite a few in 
and I can barely make out where the bathroom line begins 
and it’s been moving five inches every fucking five minutes.

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Apr 9 '14
Bomb The Music Industry! - It Shits!!! (Scrambles)



Tuck the phone in the crack of my sheets,
‘cause I’m not getting up today.
Television down, turn the clock around
‘cause you’re not getting up today.
We’re gonna sleep late and get breakfast.
We’re gonna tell our bosses we’re sick.

It really shits that I only get to see ya for an hour and a half everyday.
It really really shits that that hour and a half isn’t really very good anyway.
Because I’m burnt, because you’re angry
we watch three-quarters of a movie

Apr 9 '14
Bomb the Music Industry! - Future 86 (Album Minus Band)

So I’ll write postcards, and I’ll forget to send them.

Thanks a lot, I lost my mind, and now I’m losing you.”
Mar 30 '14
The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl


Punk Rock Girl | The Dead Milkmen

"We got into a car
Away we started rollin’
I said “How much you pay for this?”
She said “Nothing man, it’s stolen”
Punk rock girl you look so wild
Punk rock girl let’s have a child
We’ll name her Minnie Pearl
Just you and me
Eating fudge banana swirl
Just you and me
We’ll travel round the world
Just you and me
Punk rock girl”

Mar 20 '14

I really like doodling with the Wii U

Mar 18 '14

My night in a nutshell.

Mar 16 '14
It’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday!